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Matthews Becomes First Printer in the UK to Purchase a KODAK NEXFINITY Digital Press

Matthews are proud to announce that they are the first NEXFINITY printer in the UK. The addition of the new press is part of our plan to extend our range of digital services with a high-speed, high-quality digital press.

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Matthews Pledges to Build a Well in East Africa

Matthews have joined forces with charity, Fields of Life, to build a well in East Africa.

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Digital Giant Facebook Embraces Print - but why?

Digital companies are now utilising print to promote certain events and services in order to target prospects who may have switched off from online adverts or who perhaps aren't aware of the range of products and services they can access online.

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How can restaurants help bring back family time at meal times?

Technology plays an important part in everyone's lives. It is used at home, work, when travelling, everywhere you look technology is being used. Eating out with family should be about catching up, talking and interacting on a human level, but is technology getting in the way of that, and could restaurants help to bring back family time?

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Procuring Print with Care

Many organisations see printing as un-environmentally friendly, but this perception is unfounded and is usually born from a lack of knowledge of the environmental aspects and innovations in print.

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Start-up Businesses – printing costs?

Starting up a business can be a daunting task. There are lots of areas to consider. In terms of pricing, you can expect to receive competitive prices from any printer; some will come in cheaper, but do bear in mind the quality that you are looking for

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