Digital Giant Facebook Embraces Print - but why?

Facebook is more associated with individuals than businesses. This is expected when their mission is to aid people to "stay connected with friends and family, to discover what's going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them" (SOURCE:

However for the past three and a half years they have been running a small event which is aimed at business leaders and is invitation only. This event is part of Grow by Facebook's marketing program and is delivered through events, online and now print. Facebook clearly felt that by only utilising the online space they were not going to target business leaders and were therefore missing a trick. Their solution was to produce a printed magazine that would appeal to business leaders.

The "physical version" is designed with journeys in mind and will be distributed to clients as well as being available, for free, in selected airport and train business lounges.

This move demonstrates the power of print and how a printed piece can target people where online can not, it also demonstrates how important it is that a campaign has a multi-channel approach as there is not one platform that suits all.

At Matthews we make things happen for our clients, and this is true not only for print but also for online with our wide range of services. We aim to encourage our client to adapt a multi-channel approach in order to make the campaign relevant to their target audience.

What are your thoughts on Facebook embracing print? We for one think it is great to see this digital giant recognise the power of print, who doesn't love a nicely printed piece...!


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