The charity sector is an interesting sector to operate in, with a wide and diverse range of charities all focusing on differing subjects and issues. Matthews have the privilege of working with two completely different charities, one operates in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries, whilst the other is for carers of loved ones with an illness or disability.

Matthews are proud to support a new UK charity, Never Alone, which is an on-line support network for all carers of loved ones who have an illness, disability or just generally require support.

Never Alone was founded by Gemma Firth following her own experiences caring for her husband who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in April 2010. Never Alone was awarded charity status in October 2011.

Matthews have supported, and continue to support, Never Alone by producing all of their marketing collateral, which is designed by Essex design agency Phelan Barker, as well as materials required for any fundraising events.

The materials that we have produced to date include: –
– Letterheads
– Continuation Paper
– Business Cards
– Brochure
– Invitations
– Save the date cards
– Event programmes
– Event POS

We look forward to working with Never Alone going forwards.

Springboard is a forerunner in helping young, unemployed and disadvantaged people to improve their prospects for economic well-being. The organisation provides opportunities for sustainable employment as well as careers in hospitality, leisure and tourism.

Springboard also provides free specialist advice and guidance through their CareerScope service which includes their website, helpline, careers materials, magazines, DVDs and one to one appointments.

During the past 2 years we have catered for the majority of Springboard’s print requirements including leaflets, booklets and certificates. We also supply Springboard with their stationery items including letterheads and business cards as well as their prestigious brochures for fundraising events and various national competitions, such as Future Chef.

We also work closely with the entire Springboard team to help them deliver the materials they require in a timely, efficient and powerful way.

Matthews are pleased to be associated with such a fantastic charity that is linked to an industry that we operate in with a number of our top clients. We look forward to continuing to work with Springboard going forwards.