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Caesars Entertainment is one of Europe's leading casino companies, offering a diverse portfolio of entertainment, gaming, restaurants and bars at locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Matthews have worked in partnership with Caesars Entertainment EMEA since July 2014 following a tender process.

Caesars Criteria

Caesars required a supplier who was able to deliver: -

  • An intuitive, browser based, print and broadcast solution that could be customised
  • An online workflow that integrated with Caesars internal accounting systems/procedures
  • Consistency and reliability of solutions

  • Guaranteed cost savings on the current print spend through efficiencies and economies of scale
  • Reliable partner who could deliver consistency across all brands with fast turnarounds
  • A solution that ensures the casinos are cost accountable for all their own purchases and costs
  • Continuous improvements and developments of all online solutions
  • Proactivity in all aspects of print and distribution

Why Matthews?

Caesars selected Matthews as their lead supplier as we are able to deliver on all of the above key objectives and our ability to produce high quality print at competitive prices.

One of Caesars key objectives was to provide their casinos with simple to use systems and tools allowing them to take responsibility for all purchases and costs, all under the control of head office. This enables the casinos to have full, live, visibility of their monthly spends for budgeting purposes. Matthews has fully supported this system with the automatic inclusion of all Caesars finance coding and information to enable complete integration into their own accounting platforms.


Since winning the contract we have worked with Caesars to provide them with a fully integrated online solution delivering complete and comprehensive communication audit trails. These services include: -

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