Project Management

A key part of our business is Project Management, when you work with a supplier you want the security of knowing that your details are safe and that your account team know and understand everything to do with your job or campaign.

We have over 30 years of managing projects and our internal and online services compliment and enhance our ability.

Our project management processes involve:

matthews-project-management-internal-mis-iconOur Internal MIS solution incorporates everything from client contact details and estimates through to completed job specifications and delivery details. All estimates and jobs are given unique numbers to ensure efficiency and ease of tracking. All notes made at each stage of the process are kept on the system against the relevant job number.

Our online project management solutions enable our clients to empower their employees whilst maintaining complete control of their brand and key messages. These solutions incorporate print on demand, real-time stock control, request module, image asset library, Email/SMS and reporting modules. All are customisable and developed on a modular basis so our clients can pick and chose which modules will be of the most benefit to their business.

Daily production meetings are carried out between our account and production teams to ensure the smooth transition of jobs from approval through to distribution. The meetings are daily to ensure that any challenges that may arise are dealt with quickly and efficiently. It also provides a look ahead at jobs that are coming up each week or in the future to ensure effective planning takes place.

Upon being awarded a contract Matthews always carry out a client startup meeting. This meeting unables both teams to meet and to ensure that all processes are agreed and that we have all the correct client information. Where Matthews Mediabridge solutions are being utilised, these meetings will incorporate discussions around how the system needs to operate, who the users will be, and timelines to work towards for an agreed launch date.

We get to know your business and the issues that can arise within your industry so that we are able to assist wherever possible.

Our goal is to ensure that once you hand a job over to Matthews you don’t have to worry about it, you know it is being handled with care, to the highest quality and will be delivered on time.

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