Stock Control

Stock Control can be a challenging operation for a lot of companies due to the number of items that may be held and the number of suppliers that might be used. We’re here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be. With real-time stock control and efficient internal stock monitoring processes your stock can stop becoming a challenge and become a useful addition to your business.

We work with a wide range of clients managing and analysing their stock and have over 30 years experience with all stock management, pick and pack and distribution.

Our stock control processes involve:

matthews-stock-control-online-stock-control-iconThrough our Mediabridge solution we provide online real-time stock management. All users are able to see how much of each item is left in stock and what the pack quantities are. If an individual tries to order outside of the minimum and maximum quantities allowed an error message will appear, so you have complete control over what can and can not be ordered. Approval processes can also be implemented.

matthews-stock-control-storage-iconWe store all stock on site at our head office, which is a secure location, as we find that having all operations under one roof means a seemless process and increases efficiencies. Everything in our warehouse is stored under a dedicated stock number and is located in dedicated bays for ease of identification. Due to this process all stock can be reported on with accurate detail.


Our pick and pack service is not only used for any stock items but also for any kittings that we may do for a variety of clients. Our kitting service not only covers printed items but also any other promotional materials, such as umbrellas or T-shirts, that may be included within a kit. Due to every item carrying a stock code and bay number our pick and pack service is quick and the warehouse team are able to locate a stock product at any time.

matthews-stock-control-fulfilment-distribution-iconOnce an item has been picked and packed the job is then fulfilled by incorporating all the elements together and preparing the pack for distribution. Once the job is finished a delivery note is supplied and all jobs have to be signed for upon receipt. We have our own fleet of vehicles but also use overnight couriers to ensure timely deliveries across the UK.

Any stock items being delivered in to Matthews and any deliveries going out all go through our warehouse, so it enters and leaves at the same point. This ensures all stock is accounted for at all times and is documented when it leaves Matthews premises for complete order tracking and visibility.

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