Control your brand and empower your teams with MediaBridge

Mediabridge is an online management platform that enables you to manage local marketing efficiently as well as communicate with your sites whilst saving time. With a range of modules to suit your needs, Mediabridge is a powerful addition to your business.

Local marketing and campaign management managed efficiently


Are you constantly battling Emails, juggling various requests from multiple sites and continuously sending forms to sites for various tasks? Well MediaBridge can help to get you organised. Utilising our briefing module and asset library, everything can be held in one, easily accessible and secure place without taking up space on your servers.

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Briefing Module

Do you have internal forms that your sites need to complete whether for creative, photography, refurbishment or new furniture? If yes then Briefing Module is for you, with all forms being accessed and completed in one place, efficiencies are achieved. Replies are all handled within the solution giving you a complete audit trail and old requests can be archived. With all these key attributes what are you waiting for, get in touch today to start your MediaBridge journey.

Asset Library

Whether you need to allow access to imagery, artworks or documents, MediaBridge's Asset Library can help. With it's secure access and ability to tag items to users, why not free up your server space by storing your assets on MediaBridge. Users can access, view, download and organise all in one place. Our Asset Library can operate as an Image Asset Library, Digital Asset Library or both, it can be completely customised to your needs.


We understand how important it is to protect your brand and ensure consistency across all sites. MediaBridge enables you to empower your employees whilst controlling your brand and the key messages that are used. Find out how below.

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Print On Demand

Local marketing can be a challenge, whether due to head office managing all requests or individual sites using their own local supplier. Utilising MediaBridge's print on demand module helps alleviate this challenge. Your sites can login and order marketing collateral, whilst head office have the peace of mind that the brand and key messages are protected as the sites are using pre-approved templates. Approvals can be implemented as well as budgets per site. Why not start your MediaBridge journey by contacting us today.

Menu Builder

One offs, Daily Specials or Weekly Menus can prove to be difficult and costly as they may be completed on a word template or a designer is required. MediaBridge's Menu Builder provides an efficient solution to this problem as your menus can be set up and your Chefs, Managers or the team at Head Office can easily and quickly add or amend the dishes, all within brand. Menu Builder can be customised to your needs. Why not give us a call today for a free demonstration and to discuss your requirements?


We understand that controlling your brand and key messages is crucial to the success of your business. We have worked with a number of our clients on solutions to aid in maintaining this control. Take a look and find out how powerful these modules can be for your business.

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Knowledge Hub

Knowledge sharing and lessons learnt are key attributes of the Knowledge Hub. Providing a secure environment for sites to share ideas, documents and lessons learnt from events or promotions. The Knowledge Hub also provides an environment for head office to easily communicate with their sites in an efficient and dynamic way.

Stock Control

Managing your stock doesn't need to be challenging, utilising MediaBridge's stock solution means accurate stock levels are provided at all times. Real-time stock control ensures that only the correct amount of stock can be ordered. The ability to tag stock items also means that the user only sees the stock that is relevant to them. MediaBridge's stock control ensures your stock works harder for you.

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Matthews Mediabridge gives you complete control of your brand and key messages whilst empowering your employees manage your local marketing effectively