Stock Control

Managing stock can be a challenging process, but it doesn't have to be

Matthews are experts in stock control, with over 35 years of printing experience and an efficient and easy to use online stock solution, the hassle is taken away.

Real-time updates

Real-time stock control enables you to view accurate stock quantities immediately. No waiting for reports to be sent, inaccurate figures or back orders building up. Stock can be kept replenished and up to date with low stock triggers in place and recommended reprint quantities.


We store all stock on site at Head Office as we find having all operations under one roof means a seamless process and increases efficiencies. Everything in our warehouse is stored under a dedicated stock number and is located in dedicated bays for ease of identification.

Pick and Pack

Our pick and pack service is not only used for any stock items but also for any kittings that we may do for a variety of clients. Our kitting service not only covers printed items but also any other promotional materials, such as umbrellas or T-shirts, that may be included within a kit. Our warehouse stock control team are able to locate a stock product at any time.

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